“Beans” Whoopee Cushion!


Just in time for April Fool’s Day, your very own bean-themed Whoopee Cushion! (Artist’s Edition is pictured in yellow packaging. Prankster’s Edition is black and white!)

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There was a moment in time when a favorite Indestructible Food (canned beans) and a favorite prank (the Whoopee Cushion) crossed paths, and that moment changed the novelty industry forever.

Behold: the “Beans” Whoopee Cushion, a pillow of flatulent fun feting our favorite farty fare.  There are two options for your gaseous pleasure. The first is a limited-edition Whoopee Cushion, screen printed by hand, and packed in a screen printed package. The pack includes the historic tale of beans and Whoopee Cushions, a number of bean-themed meal ideas, and some whimsy. Each pack is signed and numbered for those of you who are true collectors of humor and prank. Edition limited to 44.

The second option is the same cushion, printed by hand, in a simpler pack with an insert. Because some of you may think this idea is funny, but not THAT funny. I get it. 

Whichever you choose, Happy Pranking!



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